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as some of you will be aware, I've had a few problems on that area. The
disappearance of the lubuntu iso's and my forum upgrade getting totally

The are going to reset everything back to 1st Feb. I've taken backups of
people's areas that I host. Please be patient, the reason it has taken so
long is that the ticket was not raised for 2nd level support - They are
severely unhappy about this and will be 'talking' to the members of the 1st
level support team who had assured me that support tickets had been raised
(Disciplinary action, as iWeb do pride themselves on their rapid support).
They have been given the go-ahead now & have said it will acted on promptly.

Apologies for all inconvenience that this has caused, especially to those
who use my forum area for classroom notes, quick links to documentation etc.



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