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Fwd: [ubuntu-uk] Lubuntu


I thought I'd forward this on, it's nice when people take the time to say
'thanks' :)



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From: gazz <pmgazz@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 10 February 2011 15:04
Subject: [ubuntu-uk] Lubuntu
To: Talk UK Ubuntu <ubuntu-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

By the way, thanks to whomever suggested Lubuntu for my eeePC. I've
finally had to bite down on the fact that it can't run Ubuntu Netbook
sensibly with a 4GB USB HD even stripping out locales and other clutter
and constantly cleaning up apt like a madwoman.

Xubuntu's too big as well. I tried Puppy but whilst it's a really good
little distro for non-techie's to do web/email/office, it's a bit of a
shag learning a slack-based distro so you can get it to do *anything*
else - and you end up having to compile everything onto it cos the
package handler isn't really functional yet - then the compiler breaks
if you install it to HD! DSL is grumpyl. I was contemplating slapping
XFCE on Debian or something but obviously that isn't going to work for
the non-techie users. I'm really looking for something with oob
functinality for non-tech users that can revive the clapped out PCs used
by lots of smaller charities (besides something low-hassle for the

Lubuntu does the job, your basic web/email/office stuff oob, and I can
get stuff I need like sshfs and nfs clients etc working on the cli in 10
mins. Chromium gets on my nerves but I thought I'd try Midori which
seems OK. Pity the swiftfox/swiftweasel projects seem a bit lacking in
energy - need the functionality of FF but it just hogs ridiculous
amounts of HD :(

Anyway, Lubuntu's the first 'lite' Ubuntu flavour that really does the
job oob yet is a grown-up OS which I could feel confident giving to
non-techie charity orgs too.




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