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Re: iso disc defects (and build process documentation)


Phill and the team,

On Thu, 10 Feb 2011 18:00 +0000, "Phill Whiteside" <phillw@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Julien Did say that the autotest had gotten broken again,
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing#Manual%20test%20of%20iso%20and%20cdI'm
> just waiting on someone giving me the filesize so I can update that
> area for a2.

Is there any documentation on the LUbuntu CD image build process
anywhere?  If so, where?

Is the creation of the LUbuntu ISO (including its md5sum used by the
autotest menu entry) somewhat automated?  I'd look at what broke, and tr
to fix it, if only I knew what that process is and how to perform it on
my own machine(s)!

Can I/we do anything to help with this -- including updating whatever
documentation of this process exists?

It is mildly frustrating to want to help, have the necessary tech skills
to help, but be unable to help -- because existing processes within this
team are either not documented, or the docs are not readily
discoverable.  How can we, as the LUbuntu team, improve in this area?

LUbuntu has created multiple ISOs already, and will create more... so
let's get how we do that turned into shared, documented team knowledge,
and ideally let's turn it into an automated, repeatable, and reliable


  Jonathan Marsden

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