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Re: Lxkeymap


Am Montag 28 Februar 2011, um 15:56:37 schrieb Leszek Lesner:
> Am Montag 28 Februar 2011, um 13:27:20 schrieb Yorvyk:
> > Is there something missing here (see attached), there seems to generic
> > icon on there, where something more important should be.
> Yes the LXDE Banner seems to be missing here. (
> /usr/share/lxkeymap/media/banner.png )
> I think Julien you missed it from the deb package.
I meant LXKeymap Banner of course ;) 
Btw. I used the old banner background from 10.10. (the same background thats 
used in the logout logo). 
We should change that to the new theme if the theme final

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