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Re: Alpha 3 Update Manager / Apt - defaults settings


On Sun, 06 Mar 2011 12:12:10 +0100
Julien Lavergne <gilir@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Le samedi 05 mars 2011 à 21:46 +0000, Yorvyk a écrit :
> > A few problems/observations found when running Update Manager.
> > 
> > Key not installed for Lubuntu-Desktop PPA
> > Restricted and Multiverse are enabled by default.  Should they be?
> > Natty-security and natty-updates are not enabled by default,  Should
> > they be?
> > In Other Software:
> > The Lucid Partner repo is listed, not enabled though.
> > Security.ubuntu.com is listed.  Shouldn't this be part of the default
> > repos and not Other, enabled by the settings under Updates. 
> Is it on a fresh install system, or on the live-CD ?
I used the upgrade to 11.04 option on an old installation of dubious quality.  I have two machines on a KVMS and thought I'd switched to the new clean installation.  I've changed the theme to ozone on one machine so I can tell which one I'm using.  Sorry for the false alarm.  I'll have a go with the upgrade option again later, with a decent install of 10.10 to see if this still happens.

All the other install options have been tried and appear to work OK.  Although I've not tried installing alongside Windows only another Linux install.

Steve Cook (Yorvyk)