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Re: packaging hooks


I never viewed it that way. But your are absolutely right and I agree to
move in that direction.  I wrote(hacked together) two hooks, one for lxdm
and the other for lxlauncher. So i will move on to packaging. Thanks for the
encouragement Jonathan.
On May 18, 2011 12:32 AM, "Jonathan Marsden" <jmarsden@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 05/17/2011 02:39 PM, matthew byers wrote:
>> Hey folks, what is the supported method of getting apport hooks
>> packaged? Is the process to do as brian murray suggest and: "In the
>> event that you write a hook for a package that you can not *upload*
>> or need help getting sponsored, please report a bug about the
>> package missing a hook. Then add the hook as a patch (or a merge
>> proposal)..."
>> OR do i just send the hook to say gilir or jmarsden for packaging into
>> the appropriate package? Cheers
> You left out another important possibility: open the bug as Brian Murray
> suggested, then attach the hook to it, and *then* package the
> application to include your new hook, and attach the debdiff to the bug
> report.
> This could be a very good way to practice your own packaging skills :)
> Once that is done, you can of course ask gilir (or jmarsden!) to look at
> your work, suggest improvements, etc. gilir can do even more and
> actually approve your newly improved package, of course :)
> Jonathan