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Re: Work items and TODOs


On 05/08/2011 02:15 AM, PCMan wrote:

> Seriously, Lubuntu did a lot of fixes to the original LXDE and most of
> them are quite good.
> Can anyone help integrate the fixes with upstream source code?

OK, I started on this today.

I grabbed the current libfm git tree and added six commits, one for each
patch in debian/patches of the Ubuntu libfm package.

I then verified the resulting tree still builds :)

Then, I created a project and git repo on gitorious.org so I can put
this somewhere in public for you to see.


If there is a better way for me to contribute to LXDE than this, let me
know.  I can email patches, etc... whatever works for you.

I am also willing to join the LXDE development team and so be able to
commit directly to the git tree, if you want to trust me that much :)

As time allows (my availability varies quite a bit, work and other
commitments can make me very busy sometimes!) I expect to work on
getting some more of the LXDE patches from Ubuntu up into the git tree
(assuming you like these patches!).

Ideally we can then make a new LXDE release, and then get new LXDE
packages into Debian and synced into Ubuntu, all in plenty of time for
the Ubuntu (and Lubuntu) 11.10 Oneiric release.


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