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Re: Lubuntu 11.04 MinimalInstall


Hello Ximo,

thank you for the email. As your English is far better than any attempt that
I may make to speak in your language, could you please let me know which
language or languages you are comfortable with and I will try to get you
someone who knows them so that you can more easily discuss things.



On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 1:53 PM, Ximo Domarco Pla <txutxim@xxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

>  Good afternoon Mr. Phillw, first of all I thank him for work done. I'm
> Ximo and despitebeing inexperienced to the point that now I send this
> email from a Vista OS, for thesimple reason of being in the rest of the
> work, not having finished the Lubuntu Iinstalled an HP Compaq Presario
> 1200 mod. 1205ea with only 128MB (124MBactual) and most importantly, poor
> or null my experience in Linux OS and diverseprogramming free home as soon
>  as I connectaré OS, and probably half wronginstallation installed, the
> procedure Lubuntu 11:04 MinimalInstall both positively can do for the
> development of this society rotten to the selfishness and ignorance with
> ignorance as a tool to achieve this. The fact that I engaged in social
> work (elderly) are not the only one that pushes me, I think that
> sacrificed their job, gone against the tide,the whole "business " of
> computing can help greatly equality of opportunity rather thansuffering
> humanity in this time of sickle desembolupament.