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Re: Lubuntu base/minimal desktop


Le Friday 27 May 2011 à 18:51 +0100, Yorvyk a écrit :
> Just been talking with someone about a spin of Lubuntu he made
> himself.  It's basically the live CD with out the applications.  The
> only stuff on it are the System Tools and Preferences menu, and
> Terminal and Leafpad in the Accessories menu.  The idea being that
> people can install their preferred apps. or for use on Eeepc netbooks
> with 2 gig SSD where not every thing from the live CD may be needed.  
> One thing we did wonder was, would people need a browser as part of
> the install or would they rather just pick the one they want from
> Synaptic. 

You should have quite the same by installing lubuntu-core instead of
lubuntu-desktop on a minimal install.

Julien Lavergne