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Re: 11.04 issues


I just noticed that the crashing "Keyboard and Mouse"/"Input Device Prefs"
app crashes on both of my laptops.  The other laptop uses a Synaptic
track-pad.  It worked fine out of the box so I never tried to adjust the
speed or sensitivity, but I just gave it a test and it crashed the app as
soon as I moved and released the slider.   If I reopen the app, it still
shows the default settings.

Anyone else willing to test this?


On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 12:13 PM, Tim Bernhard <ohiomoto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Just a quick note.  I've been using Lubuntu 32 and 64 bit on my 11.6"
> Gateway EC1458u and Acer 1810TZ laptops with out any issues.  I purchased a
> new laptop and found a few bugs.  I tested with both  64-bit installed and
> 32-bit live.
> Here is the short list:
> 1) Can't adjust screen brightness.  The application shows changes, but
> doesn't actually affect the display.
> 2) If I try to "mouse" settings, the Input Device Prefs applications
> crashes.  (I only tested with trackpad.  will try mouse later.)
> 3) No scrolling on the on the touch pad.
> 4)  Can set tool bar style/window list to display icons only.  I can select
> the option, but it has no affect.
> My guess is that there are some compatibility issues with this machine
> (Acer 3820T).  I'll do some more testing when I have a little more time and
> see if there are any known problems with running Ubuntu in general with this
> machine.
> Tim

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