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Hiya, guys and girls:

The Ozone theme (now called Ozone2, very original :| ) is working, more or
less, on a GTK3 environment. Sorry for the screenshot, it's made using
Unity2D (LXDE doesn't have been ported yet so it can't make use of the new
libraries) and Openbox (exotic combination :D ). Anyway, this screenshot
means that we're in the right way, but theme may sure differ a lot from this
(that's my intention, repeating is boring).

PCManFM (gtk2) is on the left, and Nautilus (gtk3) on the right. Would like
to see PCManFM gtk3 from GIT working.

Another question. Any of you have noticed a bug on the Gnome-MPlayer icon? I
mean, it may show hard-edged with sharp contours.

Thank you.

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