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Re: Does Lubuntu still need anything in multiverse?


On 06/05/2011 06:03 AM, Julien Lavergne wrote:

> Le Saturday 04 June 2011 à 22:13 -0700, Jonathan Marsden a écrit :

>> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~gilir/+junk/livecd-rootfs-lubuntu-support/revision/77

>> that we are telling the build system that we need multiverse. 

> This revision is quite outdated. You are right, we don't need
> multiverse now.

Great!  Where are the more up to date versions of livecd-rootfs and its
friends that know about Lubuntu, so I can play with the right ones?
That bzr branch is the one linked to from the blueprint at


which is a current (Oneiric) blueprint... so I thought I had found the
right code branch... apparently not?

On a related note, do you have any recent information on the status of
the Canonical SAN upgrade that will let us start using their ISO build



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