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Re: Proposed changes to lubuntu-desktop


I've tested every PDF reader and Evince is the only one that does not
distort truetype edges. The respective developments for MuPDF and XPdf
are "a bit paused" and, as PCMan said, usability increases due to the
user popularity, so it's easy making changes. Evince isn't as resource
hungry as we can expect, and its dependencies are small.

I'd like to remember all graphickers, photographers and people who use
compliant PDFs that the libraries used by xPDF and others are
deprecated. Evince uses a new version of Poppler already tested, now
used by Okular and ePDFViewer (who was candidate for a release of
Lubuntu and rejected due to rendering reasons).

I think the actual selection of Lubuntu's included software is near
perfection. Balanced between size and resource needs, as well as
opensource enough to ensure a long term support for developers.


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