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Re: Call for review: PCManFM is almost ready for a new release.


@ Jonathan and Julien,

This sounds great. I'll try to check this out in the next couple of days:


A shared PPA, like "lubuntu-dev/lubuntu-daily" sounds like a great idea.

I'm moving my home office ATM, LAN wiring is complete, but I may be tied up with this mess for a while.

--- On Sun, 6/19/11, Julien Lavergne <gilir@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: Julien Lavergne <gilir@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [Lubuntu-desktop] Call for review: PCManFM is almost ready for a new release.
To: "Jonathan Marsden" <jmarsden@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: "Lance" <lbsolost@xxxxxxxxx>, lubuntu-desktop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sunday, June 19, 2011, 5:57 AM

Le Saturday 18 June 2011 à 21:31 -0700, Jonathan Marsden a écrit :
> Option (2) happened, or is happening.
> My PPA at ppa:jmarsden/lubuntu now has libfm and pcmanfm versions for
> Natty 11.04, packages that you can help us test.  They are being built
> from the upstream git development source code.  Right now, the amd64
> versions are already there, and the i386 build of pcmanfm should
> arrive
> in a couple of hours.  So
>   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jmarsden/lubuntu
>   sudo apt-get update
>   sudo apt-get install pcmanfm
> should get you a packaged pcmanfm you can test.
> Jonathan 

Could we push them to a shared PPA, like lubuntu-dev/lubuntu-daily ?
I'll will set up the rest of lxde components to have fully daily build
fo LXDE.

Julien Lavergne