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Re: [Bug 522031] Re: installer crashed lubuntu


El 14-10-2011 2:57, Jessie escribió:
> I'm on my desktop but I'm having probs trying out Lubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)
> on my Asus Eee PC901 w/ 2 SSD's: one 16g&  one 4g, w/ Ubuntu 10.04
> netbook LTS installed.
> I just want some screen RE back&  a less bulky installation. I only use
> the netbook for 'net surfing&  online Flash games. My default browser is
> Chromium&  don't have any extra apps installed that didn't come w/ the
> installation.
> I had an initial prob booting into Lubuntu but that was solved. Now I've
> reached the desktop but I can't get online w/ my ZTE MF626 USB modem. No
> landline where I live.
> Worse, every window that comes up freezes. Can't close it but I can move
> it. The windows have to do w/ my trying to set up the Broadband
> connections.
> No error messages. No restart. I have to hold down the power button to
> turn it off ....

As a former Lubuntu 10.04 user with an USB modem i might be able to help 
First of all, follow this 
http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=92 for connect your modem 
(thanks PhillW!!).
After that, your laptop will be connected even if the network icon says 
otherwise... :/
Now to get a clean connection:
1 - install modem-manager
2 - install usb-modeswitch & usb-modeswitch-data
3 - go to the network icon, and create a new connection there for your 
modem (even if it doesn't appear, but Lubuntu will use any modem for 
that connection later). Choose your country, provider and all of that. 
In the last screen, be sure to set the connection able to every user and 
that it connects automatically.
4 - restart your machine with your modem plugged in.


Normally, it starts connected and your network icon show you that. This 
workaround worked for me in at least 5 machines with 3 different USB 
modems (though with the newest one it was a little difficult to connect, 
but if your modem is not that new, you should not have problems :)

To avoid all of this, i recommend you to use Lubuntu 11.10 or 11.04 
since the packets that you must install come installed by default and 
now the USB modems works prefectly :)

Hope it helps!


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  installer crashed lubuntu

Status in “ubiquity” package in Ubuntu:

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  crash ---> http://w2t.us/46


  Asus P3 CuV4X Mainboard
  350 MB Memory
  20 GB Maxtor HDD
  Beta1 Beta2

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