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Yes Rafael, I know about that (I'm sure everyone also does) but point is:
I was really happy to see Lubuntu in such position which is already better
than other variant. I always check distrowatch on daily basis and sometimes,
I check it 3-4 times a day. Lubuntu for the last year and a half may be was
in a position which is better than other variants :)

We must be proud that we come after Ubuntu in rank whether it's new release
or not and I promise you, Lubuntu will be much better :D
It's just the first step towards glory. Oh yeah, I write with confident
because I do believe in my new family, Lubuntu Family :D

2011/10/15 "神癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna)" <rafaellaguna@xxxxxxxxx>

>  I love it, must admit. But despite this chart data. People usually works
> like this, when something's new, they download massively, when it's old,
> not. But it doesn't indicate what OS they have installed.
> Anyway, since 11.04, Lubuntu's popularity is going up!
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