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Roadmap for Lubuntu 12.04



We just released 11.10, but it also means that 12.04 development
started. It will be the first development cycle after adoption of
Lubuntu in Ubuntu family, which come with some consequences.

Firstly, we will have the same schedule than Ubuntu :

Secondly, we can use UDS to discuss plans for 12.04, new features etc
... I would like to use this summit to decide our roadmap for the 12.04,
and take decisions we usually took later in the cycle, like new
applications by default, new features planned etc ... But, I still want
to discuss the differents topics on the mailing before the UDS, to have
input from everyones. For the record, UDS starts the 31 October, and
finishes the 5 November.

Personally, I have 3 topics in mind, and I started to write some notes
about them on a wiki page :

1. Optimizations :
 * Remove unnecessary depends (gconf, glade, other gnome old library ?)
 * Evaluate a first move to GTK3 (because there will be less maintenance
/ optimization on GTK2 now)
 * Optimize the theme

2. User experience :
 * Add missing features easy to implement and which make our users happy :)
 * Provide new shiny stuff (lubuntu-software-center, catfish ...)
 * Fix issues which are here since too much time (keymap switch,
screensaver ...)

3. Team Organisation :
 * Find a way to organize and coordinate our work
 * Find a way to welcome new members / contributors
Also, an important detail is that Ubuntu 12.04 will be an LTS version,
but Lubuntu will NOT be an LTS. The main reason is because LTS needs
support, update and security fixes for 3 years, which is not possible
for Lubuntu team (too much work). However, it should not stop us to make
12.04 the better release Lubuntu ever :)

If you have any other topics to mention, please speak now :) It's the
perfect moment for asking and discussion. But please, open a new topic
on the mailing list, with [12.04] in the title, so it will be easier to
follow the discussions.

Julien Lavergne

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