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Re: Rename LSC?


Am 17.10.2011 18:52, schrieb Glenn de Groot:
> Hello everyone,
> today I came up with something.I think that if we rename Lubuntu Software Center to LXDE Software Center or maybe something catchy, other distros and developers will join.Other LXDE distro´s probably won´t switch to something Lubuntu branded, which is a shame.We might have Openbox, XFCE and Fluxbox joining if we come up with a catchy name, Midori isn´t named Gwebkit-browser for a reason, I guess. :P
> Thoughts? :P
> -Glenn de Groot 	
This would assume that LSC would run on other LXDE Distributions aswell,
which it does not. (especially those who don't use debian packagemanagement)
I have nothing against making LSC 'portable' by using packagekit instead
of aptdaemon (or what it uses now). But this is a long work in progress.
And for this, we should at first ask the other LXDE Distros if they want
to work on it and actually use it when its ready. (It does not make
sense to do this step if no one is interested in it)