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Re: samba support missing from command line?


Le 21 oct. 2011 à 23:15, maps.backward@xxxxxxxxx a écrit :

> phillw asked me to send this along. 
> anywho, i tried to connect to a Samba share and couldn't browse to it via Go > Network Drives > Windows Network (errors "Failed to retrieve share list from server" and then "The specified location is not mounted") but could get to it via smb:// URI. 
> however, i really wanted to browse in lxterminal, so i proceeded to:
> sudo mount -t cifs //server/share /mnt
> and it failed. upon installing smbfs, no problems.
> i guess the real question is whether or not this is a bug. if we intend CLI to support Samba natively, then this should be a part of lubuntu-core, else we should at least add it to the wiki and/or FAQ.
> wxl

See previous email of PCMan about it :

"No, it's not a bug and smbfs is not needed, either.
GVFS, if properly installed with proper backends, should support smb.
If you can use gvfs-ls or gvfs-* commands to handle smb:// paths, then it's a bug of pcmanfm.
Otherwise, gvfs or other stuff is not correctly configured under lubuntu."

Could you please do the tests with gvfs and report back ?

Julien Lavergne