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Re: Lubuntu Future - Target Market


Le 10/22/2011 07:01 PM, Ali Linx a écrit :
> Being around on Ubuntu Forum, I see MANY are converting to
> LXDE/Lubuntu. However, I see one major issue and I'm trying to find a
> way to solve it but not sure how long I need for that. The problem is:
> People don't know much about LXDE and Lubuntu. They think it's totally
> different world that VLC on their Unity or XFCE won't work on LXDE so
> they keep asking such questions. I've seen many questions like that.
> I think we must promote for LXDE more. Lots of work must be done here
> if you ask me.
> One step ahead IMHO is to improve our Wiki and Documentation system.
> I'm trying to develop an approach I already have started with some
> months ago but I need some time for that. I have my own vision of how
> to promote for LXDE and Lubutnu.
You can share your ideas with the team, maybe people will be interested
to help :)
Personally, I started to communicate / advertise a bit more since the
11.10 release, and I hope to increase this during this cycle.

> Another step ahead is having more members with groups, each group is
> in charge of ONE TASK. Having that said, members will stay focus and
> their productivity will be higher.
Why not making a Marketing Team, and organize yourself the different
tasks ? This is part of my thought regarding the organization of the
team :
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Developers/P-Plan#Spec_organization .
I'm sure Mario Behling or Raphael Laguna will be happy to help too :)

Julien Lavergne