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upgrade Lubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 failure


I hope I have placed this request to the proper maillist.
For 2 attempts I have tried to upgrade to 11.10 via the Update Manager qui and since at reboot I was not able to get Lubuntu work properly.
Taken another attempt by adding an additional xubuntu 11.04 and from here removing xubuntu and installing Lubuntu 11.10 did not work either.
It just keeps hanging after my reboot passing the GRUB and giving me the Lubuntu logo till this point. My computer does not goes further then this.
I was upgrading Lubuntu 10.04 and worked my way up till 11.04 via the Update Manager without any problems. 
Does anyone experienced the same situation before with upgrading to Lubuntu 11.10 ?
As I am using the autologin feature of GDM instead of LXDM, could not find the option for LXDM, I noticed that Light DM came along with Lubuntu 11.10 ?
Regards, hosoka