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Re: [Lubuntu 12.04] No LTS


On 24 October 2011 13:28, Gabriel Salles <gabrielpereca@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi. I have a similar question. Ubuntu 12.04 will be LTS, but Lubuntu won't.
> So, if I install Ubuntu 12.04 and then install the lubuntu-desktop, I will
> have a "Lubuntu LTS"??

I believe Long Term Support only applies to the software on the LTS
CDs. For instance, Firefox will be supported; Chromium won't be. Unity
is, GNOME Shell isn't. GNOME Fallback probably will be supported since
it's on the Edubuntu DVD. The community can fix bugs in other apps;
they just don't have the Ubuntu/Canonical promise.

Jeremy Bicha