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Re: [Lxde-list] www.lxde.org is down!


On 10/28/2011 11:41 PM, Yao Wei (魏銘廷) wrote:

> Please help me check out the issue (Maybe the issue is in the proxy
> server I can't touch: I got a proxy error). I tried to restart the
> web server but it won't work.

I suspect this is because your machine can no longer resolve names such
as lxde.org and www.lxde.org using DNS.  See my earlier post to the
lubuntu-desktop list "DNS Troubleshooting Basics".  It seems from that
troubleshooting that DNS for lxde.org was broken, on all four of its
authoritative nameservers.

In a shell on the web server machine itself, what does

  dig www.lxde.org

output?  Also what does

  cat /etc/resolv.conf

output?  Do you have sufficient priviledges on the web server host to
edit the file /etc/resolv.conf if necessary?

I can set up a hackish-but-mostly-working DNS server for lxde.org if
necessary and helpful, right away.  As a test, what does

  dig @codns.computeroptions.net www.lxde.org


[Looks like maybe you or someone fixed dns.lxde.org while I was typing
this email?]