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i know we've talked briefly about deferring any ppc builds but i was hoping (if not for any other reason, but to help further development of the unofficial and unsupported port) to post up on the wiki my methodology to install and get current using the most current ppc build at http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/20111011/. 

all in favor, say aye. all against, nay. 

if worse comes to worst and we'd rather not suggest ppc on the wiki, then i can always throw something on ubuntu forums but i personally tend to give more weight to the wiki than the forums.

i'll add that i've been running mintppc as well and it is fantastic out of the box-- even better than debian ppc. i'm hoping to hack into the config files and see what's under the hood and see if i can't re-create it. possibly i might even be able to create an unattend file (mintppc install involves booting the debian netboot cd and issuing "auto url=mintppc.org" at the yaboot prompt) to make things even easier. if anyone's interested at least!

lastly, is there anything i can do to help with the ppc builds? despite canonical's lack of support for ppc, it is the perfect platform for a lightweight linux like lubuntu, so i'm motivated to help make it happen.


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