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GSOC - Lubuntu style?


I know I'm just a newcomer and all, but thought I'd ask since for some
reason it floated into what passes for my brain:

With Lubuntu's new profile and popularity -- what are the chances of
making more use of the Google Summer of Code project to make some
strategic advances?


I note that in the 2011 GSOC there were these sorts of numbers:

No. of students - Sponsor project
31 - KDE
17 - Gnome
8 - Ubuntu
1 - LXDE

I expect this is already on someone's radar, but with February as the
date things get going, I expect it could probably use some attention
in January.

And apologies if this note is overly cheeky or presumptuous!

David [djreimer | dajare]
David Reimer | Edinburgh, UK
http://wiki.ubuntu.com/djreimer | https://launchpad.net/~djreimer

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