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My Story in 2011


Dear All,

In few words, I'd like to share my story in 2011 with you all.
2011 was A CRAZY YEAR and fill of lots of things that can't be summarized.
I admit it was full of screws up but TWO GREAT THINGS happened in 2011 that
changed my history, present and future.

In 2011, I found the real purpose and aim of my life that I shall spend my
life time ... each year, month, day, minute, second and nano second praying
and be very much grateful for that. The Steps that I have made in 2011,
unquestionably, the best step I've ever made, period. My one and only love,
you have supported me and still do ... you have never let me down and still
do ... you have never given up on me and still do ... no words and nothing
will express how much I'm grateful to you. *Happy New Love Year to
You* <3 *THANK

In 2011, my interest, activity, understanding and experience in Linux has
grown up and it became so obvious how much I like Linux and what I'm
capable to do for it. Before that, I used to like everything and anything.
Was jumping here and there with no clear aim or purpose. That vanished and
faded away the moment I did the second great step in 2011 and joined
Lubuntu Team. I've never done something so right like that. I'm quite sure
I have finally done the RIGHT step and I shall never regret it.

Long story short, I'm the Happiest and the Luckiest man on earth with these
two huge achievements and I promise I shall improve that in 2012 :)

I'd like to show my appreciation to each and every member of this amazing
family ... no doubt Lubuntu is my second family. Thank you and I'm so much
proud to be with you :)

Special thanks to very special people here: Phill, Julien and Michael, you
guys are amazing .. THANK YOU for everything :)

May this year be much better for Lubuntu and each one of us ... God bless
you all and wish you all the best in the world. Happy New Year :)

I have made this little thing ... feel free to share it. Nothing much, I
made it with Photoshop in few mins because I was in hurry :P


Oh yes, my 2012 will definitely be special too ;)

Best Regards,

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