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Re: Lubuntu Teams


Le 01/03/2012 01:16 AM, Jonathan Marsden a écrit :
> Hmmm, no Dev team yet?  Does this mean we don't have a Dev team, or that
> the dev team is currently dysfunctional? :) :)
We just don't have a clear organisation :) We have several people
working on different parts, but nothing really organised.

It's mostly historical, as at the beginning, I acted as a leader of the
technical part, and we didn't have, like now, so many people working on
other parts than the code & packaging. Also, I'm now doing various stuff
for the project, not only the technical part :)

In practice, I'm still acting like a leader of the technical part, and
will probably continue unless someone want to try :) In this case, I'll
try to organize something later, when other teams will be organised and

Julien Lavergne