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Re: [Bug 911905] Re: hitting enter on install screen 1 forces language to top selection


On Wed, Jan 11, 2012, at 10:52 PM, Charlie Kravetz wrote:

> Erick - myself and others can reproduce this issue every image since I
> reported it. It happens with the desktop cd for precise Ubuntu,
> Xubuntu, Lubuntu in both VirtualBox and on hardware. I don't know why
> you can not reproduce it. However, it is still happening with the
> images dated 2012-01-11.

Unable to reproduce here in a Virtualbox 4.1.8 VM using the Lubuntu
11 image downloaded from
with an MD5SUM of 6fb4f7c035d2be3416ec675b8cba5552 .

For me, it works fine, language stays as English.

  Jonathan Marsden