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Re: LxPanel's Menu conflics with keyboard shortcuts....


Am 17.01.2012 13:08, schrieb Axel FILMORE:
> Hi there,
> I've found something weird with LxPanel's Main Menu.
> When the menu is added to the panel, hitting the super key just shows
> the main menu, but other "Super" key shortcuts doesn't work.
> When the menu is not added to the panel, Super+D minimises or maximises
> windows, Super+E runs PCManFm, which is very handy for people comming
> from other OS's if you see what I mean. :-D
> I don't know really how the "Super" key is handled in the Main Menu, if
> it's hard coded or not, but that's an issue IMHO.
> Regards. :)

There is CTRL+ALT+D to start the filemanager and CTRL+ALT+T to start a

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