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Re: keymap us(alt-intl) not working as expected.


On 2013-11-03 12:20, Federico Leoni wrote:
> Em 03/11/2013 00:08, "Andre Rodovalho" <andre.rodovalho@xxxxxxxxx> escreveu:
>> Do you have this problem on Lubuntu 13.04?
>> I updated to 13.10 from 13.04... LxKeymap is still here, and also the lxpannel widget... But I have no problems with this caracters. Maybe the language installed makes difference, I installed with Portuguese-BR using US Keyboard with dead keys!
>> 2013/11/2 Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund@xxxxxxxxx>
>>> On 2013-11-01 23:34, Federico Leoni wrote:
>>>> Before open a bug (if possible for a single layout) I would like to
>>>> see if anyone is suffering for the same issue.
>>>> For my work and for real life I write a lot in English, Italian and
>>>> Portuguese so on all my system desktop (Lubuntu 13.04), netbook and
>>>> notebook (Lubuntu 13.10), I set my keyboard to US alternative
>>>> international.
>>>> What I expect pressing the key " ' " followed by " c " from the
>>>> keyboard is  the special char " ç " (ALT code 135) but on 13.10 it
>>>> read it as a " ć ", when on 13.04 is working as expected.
>>>> I tried to configure it with the new keyboard layout Handler applet
>>>> and with the old-but-good Lxkeymap but Lubuntu simply seems to ignore
>>>> the existence of that char. The rest of the keyboard is working fine.
>>>> This char is really important for Portuguese so it's a big problerm
>>>> for me.
>>>> I can change the keyboard layout without troubles, so the issue seems
>>>> to be related to this specific layer.
>>>> I tried with a standard Ubuntu 13.04/13.10 live, same behavior.
>>>> I hope you will understand what I mean, if no one as any clues I'll open a bug.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> F.
>>> I can confirm this behaviour also with Swedish keyboard
>>> Examples
>>> Acute accent + c  prints ç in 12.04.3 but ć in 13.10
>>> Acute accent + e  prints é in 12.04.3 and 13.10
>>> When I log in from a Lubuntu 13.10 client via ssh to a Xubuntu 12.04.3
>>> ssh server, I get the 13.10 behaviour, so it seems connected to the
>>> keyboard setting rather than interpreting the ascii code.
>>> So please file a bug report and post the bug number. I will add 'affects
>>> me too'.
>>> Best regards
>>> Nio
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> André,
> thanks for making me ring a bell in my head.
> my desktop (running 13.04) is set to PT-BR, if I change language to US
> the keyboard start acting strange as on others PC.
>  Setting to PT-BR my netbook and notebook solved the problem but I
> need an English setup here. And have a keyboard that change behavior
> with the language is not the best.
> @Nio:
> could you gently try to set your system language to Swedish to see if
> the keyboard starts acting fine? I'll wait your reply then I'll update
> informations on Launchpad.
> F.

To make something clean I installed from Lubuntu_13.10oct30.tar.xz,
selected Swedish at the OEM finishing screen, added Swedish language,
set it system-wide. and rebooted.

The clock, pull down menus, letters in the terminal windows are Swedish,
for example åäö. but the issue with c is still there.

It behaves as I described earlier

Acute accent + c  prints ç in 12.04.3 but ć in 13.10

setxkbmap pt gives a keyboard where I get ç, where the US keyboard has ;
(semicolon), the key below p.

Best regards

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