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No Audio with Jitsi (PulseAudio?) on AMD64+mac (amd64?), not i386


The latest apt-get update on trusty broke audio for Jitsi[1].  It until
yesterday it worked.  I had been using pulseaudio.  It seems to have
stopped after apt-get upgrade but won't work even after a new

The options in Jitsi for audio on the new system show Audio System:
None, and offer no other choices.  Doing a fresh installation from the
amd64+mac image on different hardware, I get similar results.  In
contrast, i386 still works fine on the same hardware.

pavucontrol seems to work for VLC and Firefox.  The problem occurs on
AMD64+mac but not i386.

Can anyone using AMD64 or AMD64+mac shed some light on how to fix this?


[1]	https://download.jitsi.org/jitsi/debian/