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Re: Lubuntu no longer suspends laptop when lid closed


On 26.01.2014 20:05, brendanperrine@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I had that change as well. xfce power manager handled this before in the
> GUI. I remember a bug in 13.10 that certain people couldn't get the lid to
> stop suspending when they close the lid. If it is the desired behavior to
> close when suspending but does close if you manually change to that in xfce
> power manager should it be lubuntu default settings I think.

Thanks.  Somehow the update changed the xfce4-power-manager settings.
I've changed them back and now the laptop suspends properly when I close
the lid.  It has to be set twice, once each for battery mode and AC mode.

	xfce4-power-manager->Preferences->On Battery / On AC
	->When laptop lid is closed->Suspend

I'm thinking that the new settings are a mistake of some kind,
especially since past behavior was different.



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