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Re: Not a testcase but encrypted home +LVM alt install can't mount swap


2014-03-27 21:25 GMT-03:00 brendanperrine@xxxxxxxxx <walterorlin@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I tried downloading the latest daily iso then by the time it finished I
> noticed all i386 tests for today were done so I tired something else with
> just LVM + encrypted home not full disk encyrption. The installation
> completed but now it setup a cyrptoswap that can't mount and have to skip to
> continue booting and get no swap in a virtual machine. What pacakage should
> I file a bug against or I am doing something not supported?
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I'm a user of encrypted /home since Lubuntu 13.04 (or maybe 12.10 not
sure) and, anyway, I also thought that swap was not being mounted.

In fact in my case it is mounted although Gparted and Disk utility
says otherwise.

After lots of reading at


I decided to run my own tests and since then I'm sure my encrypted
/home and also encrytped /swap is working. Check my thread at

Btw, it is strongly recommended that you encrypt your swap space.
Users installing from Ubuntu 9.10 and selecting the Encrypted Home
option will automatically have encrypted swap space. Other users can
run sudo ecryptfs-setup-swap. This is critically important, because
your home directory data will appear as cleartext in memory, as the
kernel reads your encrypted data. If the kernel swaps this data to
disk, it could potentially leak your decrypted data back to disk,
totally defeating your Encrypted Home. Encrypted Swap solves this


There's another thread at UF that teaches how to use a decrypted
/swap... but once I'm not at my machine at the moment, my bookmarks
are not available.

Let me know if your encrypted /home and /swap are working.

Best regards,
IbsUser aka Ibere


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