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PPC 2014-04-16 Alternate image not bootable from USB stick


I seem to have trouble copying the 2014-04-16 Alternat PPC image to USB
Stick.  The 2014-04-14 image and earlier all seemed to work fine.  But
the recent one quits after a few seconds with dd and the result is not

	time dd if=./lubuntu-20140416-trusty-alternate-powerpc.iso \
	bs=1024 of=/dev/sdb
	678480+0 records in
	678480+0 records out
	694763520 bytes (695 MB) copied, 1,30803 s, 531 MB/s

	real	0m1.384s
	user	0m0.442s
	sys	0m0.940s

The same image burns fine to optical medium and boots fine from that.

Can anyone else check that image?



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