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Re: Lubuntu on an old PPC



Screenshots look nice . . . I also posted here or on Lubuntu users about
getting Xubun 12.04 running on a Powermac G4 with 450 MHz processor for use
as home desktop . . . it runs, but, a little slow.  But, indeed, support
for PPC is not what it was, but several people have contributed to the
PowerPCFAQ on the Ubuntu wiki which gives some very helpful information . .
. and a few people on the "Apple Users Forum" are working on various PPC
options . . . including UbuntuMATE for PPC . . . .  You can always post
questions there, and usually someone stops by to offer insight.  I try to
promote the PPC linux effort as much as possible.


On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 1:42 PM, Mari <saltycat77@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  Hi
> First let me thank you for all the work you and your team do on Lubuntu-I
> am a big fan! I have installed it on many old computers and it performs
> well! I also love how it can be easily customized to one's liking.
> Here are a couple of screenshots of Lubuntu 12.04 (I installed some icon
> and Openbox themes as well as Docky) running on a Powermac G4 7400 512 mb
> ram. Its usable and while it does have some issues, I'm sure I will be able
> to sort them out. It was more of a proof of concept as I was given several
> old PPC powermacs and wanted to see if I could get them to run something
> other than OS X before saying goodbye to them.
> But I am disappointed by the lack of PPC support-they are old computers
> people like to keep. Its mainly the issue with the old ATI rage Pro 128
> cards which is slowing down the install and keeping it from running
> optimally (it should, in my opinion, run at least as well as OS X Tiger
> does and, in fact, should run faster).  While there seems to be a fix out
> there that Debian still maintains, Ubuntu dropped support for the PPC some
> time ago and I had trouble compiling the necessary files for installation
> on the powermac. I'm sure I will sort it out eventually but its clearly not
> for the novice.
> I wonder if there might be a way to maintain a Lubuntu repo for these old
> PPC computers, since Lubuntu is great for older hardware.
> Anyway, I would be happy to work with you all on any PPC issues-I have a
> lot of spare time as I am physically disabled, thus I spend a lot of time
> at home.
> Thanks again!
> Mari
> PS Wrote this on an HP Pavilion Athlon 64 X2 running Lubuntu 14.04 :)
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