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iso tracker not up to date


Hi everybody,

The current version of Lubuntu Wily is dated July 10, while the testing
tracker still points to the version dated July 9 (and at least in Europe
we have reached the afternoon of July 11).

Index of /lubuntu/daily-live

Icon  Name                    Last modified      Size  Description[DIR]
Parent Directory                             -
[DIR] 20150709/               09-Jul-2015 20:27    -
[DIR] 20150710/               10-Jul-2015 17:29    -
[DIR] current/                10-Jul-2015 17:29    -   Latest images to
have passed any automatic testing; try this first
[DIR] pending/                10-Jul-2015 17:29    -   Most recently
built images; not yet automatically tested

Who should be asked to fix this problem?

Best regards

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