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Re: Late respin of everything I am trying to finish all testcases but getting tired.



It seems we can release Lubuntu beta 2 desktop and alternate, 32-bit and
64-bit :-)

But several grey bugs have survived since the alpha stage (minor or
major (still grey), directly in the Lubuntu packages, and bugs in other
packages, but still affecting Lubuntu).

I'm looking forward to some action in order to squash these bugs before
the final release of 15.10.

Best regards

Den 2015-09-24 kl. 10:16, skrev Henk Terhell:
> Brendan, a lot of work done. I duplicated only a few tests.
> The most important bug for me is that the theme cannot be switched
> unless deleting obconf (#1468529)
> Henk
> Op 2015-09-24 om 08:38 schreef Brendan Perrine:
>> I have done several testcases but am getting tired as infinty did a
>> late respin of everything 5 am utc and have done a lot of testcases
>> but I am getting tired as it nearly midnight in my time zone which is
>> the same as wxl. Any help will be aprieciated.

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