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Fwd: Wily RC Images rolling out to the tracker


initial release candidate on its way! time to start testing! with the
rebuild coming, this should give us some time to get any last minute issues
figured out. have we identified any low hanging fruit we could take care

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From: "Adam Conrad" <adconrad@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Oct 17, 2015 1:18 PM
Subject: Wily RC Images rolling out to the tracker
To: <ubuntu-release@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: <ubuntu-quality@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm kicking off builds of all flavours for "RC"(ish) images to the Wily
Final milestone on the tracker.  These definitely won't be the last
builds (there will be at least one respin on Monday to flip the OFFICIAL
bit in the ISO names, include an updated base-files, and a last-minute
dpkg bugfix upload), but they're close enough for people to get testing.

The more bugs we hunt down with this set, the more we can get fixed on
or by Monday, and the fewer respins and less panic we have between now
and Thursday, so please get to testing!

... Adam

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