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Xenial alternates await priority mismatches to be processed


Thanks to the watchful eye of our own Brendan Perrine, it is noted that we
have not had a new version for the Xenial alternate images since the 6th.
I've informed the Release Team which should resolve this shortly.

In the meanwhile, I thought I would offer some insight as to how I figured
out the cause of the problem, for the curious. Looking at the build logs as
documented on the [wiki][1], one finds the following at the end of the log:

Missing debootstrap-required libdpkg-perl
Missing debootstrap-required libfile-fcntllock-perl
CD1 missing some packages needed by debootstrap
make: *** [/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/scratch/lubuntu/xenial/daily/tmp/xenial-powerpc/packages-stamp]
Error 1

That same pattern of "Missing debootstrap-required <some-package>" was
encountered last time we had a priority mismatch error. This is when some
package is, say, optional, when it's supposed to be required. This would
explain why something required would be missing. There is a [list][2] of
these that the Release Team goes through and processes manually. Of course,
we're at the beginning of the cycle, so things don't happen as quickly.

FYI, I have no way to get automatically notified of these failures (at
least not as far as I know!), so don't hesitate to bug me if you notice it
before I do.

[1]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/#When_images_build
[2]: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/priority-mismatches.html
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