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encrypted Lubuntu


Hi Vladimir,

I saw your test result at the testing tracker today (with the iso file dated 20160317).

Yes, these are known bugs. But there are workarounds, if you want to install such a system (and use it, not only test and report bugs).

1. Use Lubuntu's alternate installer

2. If you use Lubuntu's desktop installer,

- swapoff everything (which turns off zram)

- I suggest that you use the whole disk, and in that case any swap partition on the target drive will be overwritten. It is risky to have an uncrypted swap partition in a system with encryption, because if it is grabbed by the system and used ...


I tested Lubuntu Xenial a few weeks ago, and it was possible to use both encrypted disk and encrypted home with cryptswap. But you will not see the prompt for the passphrase, I think because of a bug (or bugs) in plymouth. See the following bug reports at Launchpad

1416160, 1370707, 1530548, 1359689

Best regards