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Re: bzr commit into MariaDB 5.1, with Maria 1.5:maria branch (knielsen:2684) Bug#43418



The patch now is OK to push, after adding 'die' we discussed on IRC.

Also please add comments to the file changes.

knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx пишет:
> #At lp:maria
>  2684 knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx	2009-03-17
>       BUG#43418: MTR2: does not notice a memory leak occuring at shutdown of
>       mysqld w/ --valgrind
>       Problem was that mysql-test-run.pl sometimes skipped parsing part of
>       the error log, and sometimes shutdown mysqld with kill -9, preventing
>       tools like Valgrind and safemalloc from outputting memory leak check
>       in the error logs.
>       Fixed by
>        - Stopping mysqld servers gracefully rather than kill -9 when
>          warnings are being checked.
>        - After stopping mysqld servers, do an additional parse of the error
>          log to check for any warnings generated during shutdown.
>        - Fix error log parsing to be careful not to skip parsing part of the
>          file, by keeping track of previous file position rather than
>          relying on mark_log markers.
>        - Workers report warnings during shutdown to the master process with
>          a new packet 'WARNINGS' which includes a list of names of test that
>          might have caused the problem (could be any test run since last
>          server start).
>        - Fail entire test suite if warnings are found.
>       Also fixed home-brewed and broken serialization in My::Test to use the
>       standard Storable serializer.
> modified: