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Launchpad repoistories upgraded, bzr version 1.9 now required


This morning I finished upgrading our three maria repositories at launchpad to
repository format 1.9:


There should be no need to re-branch from launchpad or make any other changes
to local trees or branches. However, I believe it will now be necessary to use
bzr of at least version 1.9 to access the repositories on launchpad.

It is recommended, but not required, to upgrade local shared repositores and
branches with

    bzr upgrade --1.9

to get the following benefits

1. Stacked branches, which allows pushing private clones to lp:~USER/maria/xxx
   with only having to upload changes to main trees, for me pushing such a
   private branch now takes only ~30 seconds.

2. General faster operation of bzr in my experience (eg bzr log 10x faster).

 - Kristian.