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[patch 00/11] A number of fixes for buildbot-found problems


Hi Monty, Sanja, all,

I finally managed to get a valgrind test run to pass. I needed 11 patches to
get there ...

It would be really good to get a review of these so I can push, they are
needed to get the Valgrind run to pass in buildbot. I think all of them are
ok, but for at least some of them I would really like to get another pair of
eyes before pushing as I'm not very familiar with the code they touch.

Sanja, could you review first 2 patches? They are of mysql-test-run.pl, one
of them is related to the previous mysqld.err fixes.

Monty, could you review the remaining 9 patches? They are all fixes for
Valgrind warnings. Especially the last 4 I am not 100% sure of are the best
possible fix, I think you can help.

Serg, I checked up on your comment on my earlier dbug.c patch
(thanks!), found the problem you described and I think it is fixed in
this version of the patch.

Monty, I will commit as one commit before pushing, but due to large number of independent changes I found it convenient to split it up using quilt.

 - Kristian.

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