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MariaDB source and binaries tarballs made available


As the MySQL Users's Conference is starting up, Monty and I wanted to have
tarballs with source and binaries available to make it easier for interested
people to try it out.

The plan for future binaries is to have Ourdelta publish them from MariaDB
sources, however due to lack of time this was not possible to set up before
the conference.

So to at least have something, I have built a source tarball from the latest
bzr repository of MariaDB 5.1, as well as generic binary packages for 32- and
64-bit x86 Linux.

I made the tarballs available here:


I took some care to get the build options correct and to check that everything
works ok. However, I cannot check everything; notably I do not have access to
anything but 32- and 64-bit x86 Ubuntu 8.04 systems to test on.

I checked that the test suite passes, that the major storage engines work
(MyISAM, Maria, InnoDB, PBXT), that the major features are there
(partitioning, ssl, pool-of-threads), and that the binary tarballs can be
installed and run.

Any additional help with testing the packages for possible problems with be
much appreciated, of course.

The packages are currently hosted on a 5Mbit uplink I believe, so I will next
work to get mirroring set up with the help of those in the community that have
already offered to help with this.

 - Kristian.