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Re: microslow-innodb ported to 5.1



>>>>> "Arjen" == Arjen Lentz <arjen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Arjen> Hi Vadim
Arjen> On 28/05/2009, at 1:22 AM, Vadim Tkachenko wrote:
>> We already ported patch
>> http://www.percona.com/mysql/5.0.77-b13/patches/microslow_innodb.patch
>> (from list
>> http://askmonty.org/wiki/index.php/MariaDB_versus_MySQL#What_kind_of_patches_can_be_considered_for_MariaDB_5.1
>> )
>> to 5.1, so it will be easy to include it into MariaDB.
>> I will propose merge soon, so let's do not duplicate work if you are  
>> going to look into this patch also.

Arjen> Ah, excellent!

Yes, great!

I could look at include this patch the incomming Friday.
Where can I find it ?


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