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Re: feedback/review requested for fix to MySQL bug #45759



>>>>> "Zardosht" == Zardosht Kasheff <zardosht@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Zardosht> Hello Monty,
Zardosht> Thank you for your feedback and modifications.

Zardosht> Where can I find the revised patches? I would like to attach them to
Zardosht> the bug report.

Zardosht> I have tried looking here, https://code.launchpad.net/maria, but have
Zardosht> not been able to find them. It is possible that I am missing something
Zardosht> obvious, as I am just starting to familiarize myself with launchpad.

Zardosht> Thanks
Zardosht> -Zardosht

I have now pushed all your proposed changes + more to the current
MariaDB 5.1 tree. (changeset 2713)

You can get them by either getting the lastest MariaDB code from
launchpad orlooking at the patch

It took a little bit longer than expected as I had to fix several test
cases as warnings and EXPLAIN changed a bit thanks to the extra key

When it comes to attaching the code to the bug database, the easiest
way would of course be to just refer to the above link.

All of the above changes is of course available to everyone under the