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Re: Federated code - IRC message


Hi Monty, Pat, Kristian

I'll raise this again.... I think that federatedx should just be renamed back to federated, and built-in by default to replace old federated. The original federated is old, buggy, and the new one is backwards compatible anyway. No loss, all win.

On 11/08/2009, at 12:56 AM, Michael Widenius wrote:
I am copying to maria-developers@ to ensure that everyone has a change
to answer...

"Patrick" == Patrick Galbraith <patg@xxxxxxxx> writes:

Patrick> Monty,
Patrick> I saw your message in IRC - I replied in case you don't see it . I want Patrick> to get this into the tree soon and am only having a small problem right now:

Patrick> [08:06]  <CaptTofu> montywi: I am striving to
Patrick> [08:08] <CaptTofu> montywi: I just have one issue to solve - if the Patrick> engine is build as a plugin, how I can get the test to run. right now, Patrick> when it runs, it doesn't find the engine loaded, so it skips the test. I Patrick> tried to add a 'load plugin' to the test, but it can find the shared
Patrick> library because it expects it to be in "(errno: 2
Patrick> dlopen(/Users/patg/code_devel/federated/lib/mysql/plugin/ ha_federatedx.so,
Patrick> 2): image not found)"

We should probably try to fix that for the test suite.
Kristian, do you have any ideas for this ?

Patrick> So, I'm wondering if to test properly, one needs to compile the engine
Patrick> into the server versus as a plugin?

Yes, that is what you need to do (as far as I know).


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