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MariaDB 5.1 release coordinator


Hi all

Just finished a writeup of our meeting last week, on
(Btw, I've also uploaded slides to the MP internal wiki and updated
the ProjectHandbook based on our discussion.)

Then comes the final thing on my todo from discussions in Mallorca:

Sergey P suggested we should appoint a release coordinator to chase
all the tasks needed before releasing beta/RC/GA of MariaDB:


he also volunteered, and doesn't have customer projects coming up, and
Monty approved, so Sergey: you're it!

This means
- You should keep especially Sergey updated to whatever you contribute
to release progress.
- You should be able to ask Sergey any questions on status of tasks,
should we possibly drop a feature etc...
- Public channels (this mailing list, IRC) still preferred
- Continue as usual, this doesn't mean that Sergey will go around
asking people to do work.

Sergey, please continue the list if you had something in mind that's not there.


email: henrik.ingo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
tel:   +358-40-5697354
www:   www.avoinelama.fi/~hingo
book:  www.openlife.cc