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MariaDB versioning


I have a concern that I will ask you all to consider while there is
time.  I think I understand that after MariaDB 5.1 a 5.2 release is
planned.  I think it should not be versioned like that.  Problem is that
there is a MySQL 5.2 tree too (it is basically an early 6.0) and it is
still available for download from FTP-mirrors like
ftp://mirrors.dotsrc.org/mysql/Downloads/ .
For generic and GUI clients (ie. not designed for specific server
versions and where SQL is generated and not written by user) it is
important that the version string can be used to identify what SQL
statements are supported by server. The first thing such clients (like
our own SQLyog) does after connection is to SELECT VERSION() .. and only
after that we know if there is support for EVENTS, if IF EXISTS is
supported for DROP TRIGGER sysntax and so on.  If there are two
different 5.2 trees (MariaDB based on MySQL 5.1 and MySQL 5.2) it gets
more difficult to handle.
I asked Monty about this at one of his sessions at the latest UC and he
told like 'we are good citizens - except for the comment field MariaDB
will be versioned like the MySQL code it is based upon'. What I also
think is the best solution. The *version* should not be the same for
different builds with even the slightest difference in what SQL server
understands. On the opposite version should be the same as long as SQL-
interface (even with possible Engine-specific extensions) is the same no
matter how much they differ internally.

Maybe in the long run diversification is inevitable.  But in that case
it should be planned well!

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