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Re: Rev 2721: Merge xtradb-7 -> MariaDB in file:///home/psergey/bzr-new/mysql-5.1-maria-contd2/


Hi Peter,

On Tue, Sep 08, 2009 at 06:33:00PM +0200, Peter Laursen wrote:
> @Sergey
> .
> does this mean that we can now check out code, compile and XtraDB will be
> functional?
> (cc: to Khusboo as she is assigned as build-engineer for the Windows MariaDB
> planned to be provided by Webyog)

No, not yet: I haven't pushed this yet, because the result of the merge has
certain issues. There will be more commits and then push.

Besides the merge, we have also two known windows problems, as mentioned here:

We're working on these also. Do you want me to notify you when lp:maria is
ready for windows packaging?

Sergey Petrunia, Software Developer
Monty Program AB, http://askmonty.org
Blog: http://s.petrunia.net/blog

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